Bioclean­ Anti-fog Spray

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Other Features
Eliminates fogging
Airless pump action spray
Alcohol free
Quick and easy application
Suitable for all BioClean autoclavable goggles
Non-hazardous ingredients
Shelf Life and Storage
Three (3) years from date of manufacture. Store in a dry, cool place (<40°C) away from direct sunlight and fluorescent light.
Product Type
For Autoclavable Goggles

To address any fogging issues with our autoclavable goggles an application of BioClean Anti-fog Goggle Spray is recommended. The procedure for the successful application of the spray is as follows:
1. Autoclave the BioClean autoclavable goggles as usual
2. Just before donning, apply one or two sprays to the INSIDE of the lens
3. Using a sterile cleanroom wipe, dry the excess liquid from the inside surface of the lens with a spreading motion, covering the whole of the inside of the lens
4. Ensure the treated side of the lens is dry after wiping
5. Repeat the process after every autoclave cycle